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Soundtrack works produced for more than 15 countries through the international platform Fiverr.


Compositions and mixing:
Lucas de Sá

Companhia do Latão -
Orfeu: a brazilian Hip-Hopera

Cycle "BLORANDO AS FRONTEIRAS: NÓS POR OUTRES", with the reinterpretation of "Orfeu: a brazilian hip-hopera" staged by Companhia do Latão, in 2021.

In this cycle, aliades theater groups propose dramatic reinterpretations of shows that moved or changed the course of research at Núcleo Bartolomeu de Depoimentos.


Lucas de Sá, Cau Karam and Nina Hotimsky

Musical Direction:
Lucas de Sá

Mixing and Mastering:
Lucas de Sá

Arte Urbana por Elas - Original Soundtrack

The documentary highlights the role of women in the context of urban art in Aracaju-SE, Brazil, with emphasis on their identity, collective work, visibility, what they think about gender-related problems and how they act, through art, in the face of society's forms of oppression. .

Direction, Script and Production: Eudaldo Monção Jr. and Juliana Vila Nova
Photography Direction: Janaína Vasconcelos
Direct sound: Clara Cavalcante Bueno and

Eudaldo Monção Jr.
Editing: Eudaldo Monção Jr.
Sound editing, mixing and original soundtrack: Lucas de Sá (Lab de Sá)
Poster and lettering: Wilian Vezzaro
Song "Prece" by Clara de Noronha

Cinemas de Rua de Aracaju - Original Soundtrack

The heyday, glory and decadence of cinemas that once existed in the capital of Sergipe, Brazil, being revisited through a souvenir letter. The film presents the fate of 12 movie theaters that were transformed into other developments over time.

The short film directed by Eudaldo Monção Jr. and Juliana Vila Nova is a Memorabilia Filmes production and was included in the Edital Janela Para as Artes of the Prefecture of Aracaju, Fundação Cultural Cidade de Aracaju - FUNCAJU (@funcaju), directed through the Federal Government of Brazil - Lei Aldir Blanc.

Sound editing, soundtrack and mixing - Lucas de Sá (LAB de Sá)

Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil, yesterday, today and forever.

A Bondade dos Estranhos - Original Soundtrack

Canô writes a letter of interest to a film school.

Direction, script, editing - Eudaldo Monção Jr. (Canô)
Executive Production - Juliana Vila Nova (Buga)
Sound editing, soundtrack and mixing - Lucas de Sá (Lab de Sá)

Photographed by Canô, guests, hosts, mainha, friends of mainha and by the people in the streets of the cities

Eudaldo Monção Jr. (Canô)

The Joia Materna collection is a line of handcrafted jewelry created to keep one of the most magical and sublime moments of motherhood: breastfeeding. It's a way of  preserve the memory of a journey of self-knowledge, love, discovery and perhaps resilience.

The pieces are made in 950 silver plated with rhodium or yellow gold and breast milk submitted to a catalyzing process.
There are three models: heart, circle or drop.



Renata Pinotti

Paula Castiglioni

Recording, editing and mixing:
Lucas de Sá

A Flor da Pele - Original Soundtrack

It is always the deepest part of the skin!
And so live Sara and Diego, two artists who feel suffocated with their daily lives and tired of their reality.

Diego sees himself immersed  in a monochromatic melancholy, seeking to free herself from the shackles of her head, as Sara confronts the shadows of her past that haunt her thoughts. 
In an attempt to meet again and in search of inspiration for a new work, they want refuge. In an old studio they used to work, through an intense relationship, chaos will make it flourish.

The Essência Turquesa collective was founded by the artists Fernando Nogueira and Tânia Freitas with the intention of producing circus numbers and shows that mix different artistic languages to communicate with the public; dance, theater, music, poetry, plastic arts and the circus as the main language.Today the Collective has different artists representing each of these areas.

Official Trailer

Cine Rio Branco - Original Soundtrack

One of the oldest movie theaters in Brazil, the majestic Rio Branco, founded in 1927, is located in the city of Nazaré das Farinhas, in the Bahia region. Created by the Nazarene Felisberto Ribeiro Soares, it was built in an art nouveau style, which had little diffusion in the Brazilian Northeast, being this one of the few examples that have been preserved. Stage of great stories, Cine Teatro received numerous artists  who performed there as Luiz Gonzaga, Waldick Soriano, Raul Seixas, Dalva de Oliveira, among others. Since the 70s, when it left the hands of the Ribeiro Soares family, cinema has closed its doors several times. Inactive since the mid-1990s, Rio Branco returned to function completely restored and equipped in 2000, in the highest style. The city received very special guests, such as Ronaldinho Fenômeno, who came to honor his friend Vampeta, a Nazarene and an illustrious new owner who bought and restored the old building with his own resources. It even looked like Nazareth had entered a time machine. With the same pomp of its inauguration, in 1927, when a crowd in hats and evening gowns watched “A night of love”.


Full Movie:

Canais Globo

Louça de Deus - Original Soundtrack

Patrício left the village of Maragogipinho, along the Jaguaripe River, in a canoe crammed with miniature plates, jugs and pots made of clay, to the city of Nazaré das Farinhas. 
Arriving in the city of Nazareth, Patricio exhibited his pieces in the old square of the port, during Holy Week. The population liked it, especially the kids who had fun with the new toys. The following year, Patrício was back with more sophisticated work, with new forms of clay objects. Thus began the Caxixis Fair, the largest ceramist event in Latin America. Currently, every Holy Thursday, a great movement begins at Praça dos Arcos in the center of Nazaré, constituting a spectacle apart with the arrival of the potters, which every year  return to town  with numerous pieces of different models and formats, continuing the tradition.

Full Movie:

Sala de Notícias - YouTube

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