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Flexible prices, especially for longer periods and packages.
Bringing you the best of technical quality.
Hora de Gravação


Professional recording structure with support for music, soundtracks, voiceovers, podcasts and audiobooks, with Apogee Ensemble Firewire, Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, Art Digital MPA II and Yamaha MG12XU Preamps, totaling 18 audio channels. Along with the Slate Digital ML 1, Slate Digital ML2 (2x), Shure SM58, Shure SM57 (3x), Shure Kit PGDMK6 and AKG P420.



Mastering done in accordance with the technical standards of the market, respecting the parameters for releases on physical platforms and streaming platforms.
Including generation of ISRC and other metadatas.

Trilha Sonora


Soundtrack production for different platforms, such as movies, games, advertising, shows and performances. Seeking to meet the needs that each job and language require.

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Creation of sound effects and foley for films, animations, games, applications and institutional videos. Made according to each project, sounding more natural or aesthetically exaggerated.


Stereo and surround (5.1) mixing, for music and cinema, using Pro Tools and Logic Pro with the best plugins on the market, such as Slate Digital and iZotope. Technologies that bring all the flavor of classic analog equipment and precision in adjustments according to industry standards.

Produção Musical


The Music Production is made according to the client's needs, trying to understand with sensitivity and respect the proposal brought, so that it can be achieved in a transparent way and joint the desired goal.



Editing of podcasts, audiobooks, voiceovers, dialogs and audios in general. Including treatment such as removing background noise, reducing reverberation, eliminating excessive breathing, "pops", hesitations and attenuation of sibilance.

perfil amarelo clean.png


Nelson Sá is the in-house voice actor, specialist in commercial spots, training videos, IVR, documentaries, institutional texts, book narration, dubbing and much more, in a versatile way he inspires confidence, excites, tells and informs, with a mature or cartoon voice. .

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